6M2 Storage Unit


A 6m2 storage unit is a medium-sized storage unit that provides ample space for storing items. It is suitable for storing the contents of a larger one-bedroom or a smaller two-bedroom apartment. Sizing: 15.6 m³ (2.6 m height).

  • 24/7 Access*
  • On Site Parking
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Free Insurance (1.500€)
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A 6m2 storage unit is a medium-sized storage unit that provides a significant amount of space for storing items. It is ideal for individuals who need to store more than the contents of a studio flat, but not as much as the contents of a two-bedroom apartment.

In a 6m2 storage unit, you can store larger furniture items such as a queen or king-sized bed, a sofa, a dresser, and a dining table with chairs. You can also store larger household appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, or dryer, along with smaller appliances like a microwave or a toaster oven.

A 6m2 storage unit can also accommodate several medium to large-sized boxes containing a variety of household items, including kitchenware, linens, books, and clothing. Additionally, you can store larger sports equipment such as bicycles, surfboards, or a kayak.

If you are using the 6m2 storage unit for business purposes, it can hold larger office furniture such as desks, filing cabinets, and chairs, along with office equipment like a printer, scanner, or fax machine. It can also accommodate inventory and supplies for small businesses.

* Illustrated dimensions may vary

€1,500 Insurance Coverage: Your peace of mind is our priority. Every rental includes €1,500 in insurance coverage, protecting your stored items against unforeseen events.

24/7 Access*: Enjoy unrestricted access to your storage locker at any time of day or night, ensuring convenience and flexibility to suit your schedule.

Parking: Hassle-free parking is available onsite, making it easy to load and unload your belongings directly to and from your storage locker.

Friendly Service: Our dedicated staff are here to assist you with a smile, ensuring a positive and helpful experience every time you visit.

* Standard access hours are from 6 AM to 11 PM. For access outside these hours, special arrangements may be necessary. Please contact us for assistance.

Please review the following guidelines to ensure your stored items comply with our safety and operational standards:

Household Items: Furniture, small appliances, decorations, seasonal items.
Personal Belongings: Clothing, books, toys, collectibles, sentimental items.
Sports and Hobby Equipment: Bicycles, golf clubs, camping gear, skis.
Business Inventory: Files, documents, excess office supplies.

Prohibited Items

While our storage units are versatile, certain items cannot be stored due to safety, legal, or facility regulations:

Living Things: Animals, plants, perishable foods.
Hazardous Materials: Explosives, flammable liquids, chemicals, toxic substances.
Illegal Items: Drugs, firearms, stolen goods.
Unsanitary or Odorous Items: Items emitting strong odors or mold.

For a detailed list of prohibited items and further information, please refer to our terms and conditions. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for all our customers and their stored belongings.

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